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Sigma Welcomes Apex Legends team

POSTED BY admin March 16, 2019

Team Sigma is happy to announce a new Esport team for Apex Legends to compete in the competitive scene. We are excited to explore other competitive games and hope to compete within different games in the future. Our new Apex Legends team consist of Theguub, J0lly and Preem.


Hello, my name is Oliver Skov Berghold, I’m known as J0lly, I’m 16years old (almost 17) and my height is 167 😉 I mainly play Apex Legends and my main is Lifeline.


Hi everybody! My name is Daniel Jørgensen, also known by my gamertag ‘Theguub’. I’m 23 years old and I stream everyday with my main focus on Apex Legends; striving to become the best I can. My two favourite Legends are Wraith & Bangalore.


Hello, my name is Nicki Pedersen, also known as Preem. I am 15 years old (almost 16). I recently moved from Fortnite to Apex Legends, because I wanted something new to play, and now I really enjoy the game, and want to improve everyday. I mainly play Bangalore

Warm welcome to our new Apex Legends team, and we wish them best of luck!